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Remanufactured Parts

Sharp Auto Parts is proud to announce that we are now a distributor for an industry leading remanufacturer.

Call and ask us about our new line of remanufactured Engines and Transmissions that come with a 3 year / 100,000 mile warranty! Our remanufacturing partner has been supplying the OEM’s for over 70 years!

Choosing an engine supplier is a crucial when you need a replacement in your vehicle. You want the confidence that you will receive high-quality engines at a fair price with an excellent warranty from a company that has staying power. This is the kind of confidence we supply. Sharp Auto Parts is a distributor for one of the world’s largest engine re-manufacturers, who has been remanufacturing engines for the automakers themselves for over 70 years. Now they’re remanufacturing engines for you too. Because they remanufacture hundreds of engines per day, we are able to offer you a pricing structure that represents true value.

With industry-leading technology, the engines they produce have no equal. But don’t expect to pay more for these high quality engines. Since 1942, they’ve been leading the industry they helped create. That’s another reason you can put your confidence in us – and our excellent warranty. Call today to find out more about the best engine remanufacturer you’ve never heard of. We build confidence.

  • Over 2,000,000 engines and counting
  • Since 1942
  • Our Remanufactured Engines Give You What You Want Most: Confidence
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