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Here is the short story!

Please feel free to read the entire warranty document on the following pages


We want to be FAIR in the administration of all warranty claims In a “nut shell” this is how it works:

  • If it’s our fault we pay
  • If It’s not we don’t

If this seems harsh, it is not intended to be, it is intended to clarify our position. Every day we hear customers tell us that our competition “always pay” every claim. We KNOW that’s not true and our customers know it’s not true. We want to be “up front” about what we do.

Here are some points to understand

  • Our engines leave our plant only 70% complete, someone else assembles the other 30%
  • A full 95% of all warranty claims are ultimately the cause of a part or parts that are NOT part of the product we manufactured
  • When our warranty tech asks for diagnostics there is a reason. We want to get the vehicle out of your shop. Our goal is NOT to have you pull the engine or transmission back out of the frame!
  • Read and understand the warranty policy and procedure BEFORE you call and start a claim
  • Warranty is NOT a “profit deal”. Our goal is to keep you from losing money on any of our products.
  • Just like our customers who run profitable shops, we have policies designed to keep the playing field level for both us and our customers.
  • In order to process ANY warranty request, we MUST know the serial number. We don’t have a record of the product that you bought. Record the serial number from the shipping container!

If you think you have a claim, by all means give us a call. But PLEASE, be prepared to HELP us work towards a resolution. When you help, claims go quickly and smoothly. When you don’t help it just means more phone calls, longer wait times, and needless frustration

Warranty Policy

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