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Why should you call Sharp Auto Parts first?

Let’s face it, there’s never a recycler that always has what you need. Did you know that even very successful recyclers only have the parts customers call for 30% or 40% of the time? This is called the “in-stock” request level and our computer systems track it.

Consultants in the used parts industry consider it a worthy achievement if a yard can hit a 50% in-stock level. This means that even when they do a great job monitoring a large number of salvage auctions they still end up having what their customers call for only about half the time! Why is this? Well, consider a dealership’s parts department. To keep their in-stock level up they have to stock parts for all of the models from one manufacturer and go back probably 8 to 10 years.


Compare that to a used parts supplier. To keep our in-stock level high we have to stock parts for every model from ALL manufacturers for 10 to 20 years! And to top it off, it’s even more difficult for us because used parts suppliers can’t just order the parts we need; we have to find whole vehicles to buy. That’s why salvage acquisition is what really sets a recycler apart.

Those that can fine tune their buying to keep the high demand parts in stock are the ones you want to do business with.

We have 5 buyers who constantly monitor auctions in 9 states to obtain the salvage that satisfies the parts needs of our customers. Our computer system collects our demand data and our buyers use it to bid on the vehicles that have the most parts, which will fill our customer’s requests. Our quarterly in-stock level exceeds 58% so when we say we’ve got the inventory you’re looking for, we really do.

Sourcing When We Don’t Have Your Part
We are connected to all of the industry networks for locating parts, including the ones on the public internet and the ones that are auto recycler’s only. We can find parts for you from many other recyclers when we don’t have them. You might wonder why this is important since you can find car parts on the internet yourself. Well, when you see other recycler’s inventory on a car part website the price they give to you will be higher than it shows because they will have to add freight to get it to you. And you won’t get our warranty unless you order it from us. Let us source the parts for you and we’ll back them with our warranty.

Also if you buy from us we have a good chance of sourcing it from a recycler that we send our own delivery truck to so we can transport it from them back to us and then out to you with no freight charge. We have the largest delivery coverage area of any independent recycler in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Our coverage area includes Minneapolis, St. Paul, Eau Claire, Wausau, Green Bay, Appleton, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac, Milwaukee, Racine, Kenosha, Madison, and more

Another thing about those car part websites you might use, if you see a part you need at Bay or Sharp we can transport it to the other site at no charge overnight for pick up there or to deliver to you the next day.

Save money when you let us source parts for you. If we don’t have it we can often find it at another recycler within our huge coverage area. When you buy it from us we’ll pick it up from them and bring it to you on our trucks so no additional shipping charges.

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